SASA – School Achievers Study Award 2024

Since its inception in 2005, HELP University and HELP Academy have been offering SASA or School Achievers Study Award to achievers who are all-rounders. HELP’s Mission Statement, “To help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education” is clearly reflected in SASA’s objective.

In 2010, the SASA Gives Back Project was introduced, as an avenue for SASA Scholars to contribute to society through community services. The activities conducted include but not limited to the annual SASA Charity Concert, selling of DIY goods, visiting homes and shelters and other funds raising events.

The School Achievers Study Award (SASA) criteria are:

  • An all-rounder, attaining good academic results and exhibiting exemplary leadership in extra co-curricular activities.
  • An influencer or notable content creator, possessing the charm and charisma to influence peers of the same generation, in a positive, upward and onward manner.
  • A sportsman/ women, participating and representing the school, district, state and nation in major sports tournaments and competitions.
  • Students who are sitting for their SPM, IGCSE/ O-Levels, UEC, STPM, A-Levels, Diploma, Foundation or its equivalent in 2023/ 2024.

Interested candidates are invited to apply for the School Achievers Study Award online. The shortlisted applicants will then be required to attend an interview. The last round of evaluation will be in the form of behavioral assessment. Successful candidate will be contacted by the HELP School Achievers Study Award committee.

Initiated in 2005, with the objective of rewarding and recognizing students’ outstanding leadership and academic achievements, these School Achievers Study Award were introduced to encourage holistic, all-rounded achievers among school students.

SASA Benefit: :

  • The Scholar will receive a full (for pre-University programmes) or one year (for degree programmes) financial assistance to further their education in selected HELP University and HELP Academy Programmes.
  • The Scholar will be given the opportunity to showcase their outstanding talent in activities and events hosted in and beyond the university.

How to apply for SASA: :

  • Apply online on
  • Receive the acknowledgement email and notification of interview schedule.
  • Attend the interview, well prepared.
  • Receive SASA Award Letter or failure notification.
  • Accept/ reject SASA, by replying to the Email.
  • Apply to study at HELP.
  • Receive (conditional) Offer Letter from HELP.
  • Accept the Offer to embark on the journey as an Achiever.

Terms & Condition:

  • Only Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply.
  • The applicants are required to notify the SASA Committee at least one day earlier should they not be able to attend the scheduled interview.
  • The SASA Scholars are not allowed to change their programme once awarded.
  • All decisions made by the SASA Committee are final and no appeal or complaint will be entertained.

For further enquiries

Please call 017-229 3466 (Yee Pei) or e-mail